About us

Blue Oak Inventions

We enthuse about the technological revolution, happening right before our eyes on an unprecedented scale. We have joined in it by establishing a research and development company - Blue Oak Inventions.

We have potential and possibilities to provide businesses with the outsourcing of R&D services as well as universities and research institution with the implementation of ideas in the business world. We combine the supply of creativity with the demand for novelties.

For entrepreneurs

  • Ready-to-use development solutions and/or a dedicated team acting as an external R&D department
  • Obtaining funds for research and development
  • Access to the latest technological innovations
  • Possibility of providing exclusive services in a given industry sector.

Our offer addressed to universities and research institutions includes:

  • Commercialization of ideas and research results
  • Contacts with the business world
  • Orders for the execution of research in a specific field of interests.

Do you know that…

Over half (57%) of middle-sized and big companies operating in Poland declare that they conduct or outsource research and development (R&D). 65% of industrial enterprises and every second trade and service company declare that they conduct R&D project or have them conducted by other entities.

Source: Research and development activities of enterprises in Poland Perspektywa 2020, KPMG Report