Fields of activity / research

Our fields of specialisation include

Mobile Technology

Smart City

Wereable Technology


Other fields of our activity

  • Industry and Energy Sector
  • Support for medical research (bioinformatics, e-health)
  • Food, agriculture and biotechnology
  • Environment
  • Intelligent, green and integrated transport
  • Outer space
  • Security
  • Nanoscience, nanotechnology.

Why such a choice ?

The chosen fields of research reflect our outlook on the functioning of a man in increasingly atomically divided and specialised spheres of life. We aim at having a panoramic view of the implemented project so that technology is developed not for the sake of itself but in the context of its usefulness and possibility of combination.


As a result, we do not put any restrictions on the fields of research and we willingly use the way of thinking specific to a given discipline in other fields. Owing to research work conducted in various fields, ideas interpenetrate and merge on a larger scale, making the multitude of various products more accessible to individuals.