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  • Implementation of research projects

    The first element of the research project implementation, to which we attach great importance, is the establishment of a research team, usually comprising BOI employees and/or associates, representatives of the Client and scientific experts. We make sure not only that the research team includes top professionals carefully selected for a given job but also that they are capable of working as a team.

    Irrespective of the subject of research, we professionally manage the project and support the process of settlement of funds. We work in compliance with the ISO standards, in accordance with scientific research methodology and using the guidance of GCP.

  • Commercialization of research results

    We are fully aware of the fact that not every idea is a product or a service. Usually, well thought out technologies still require some minor or major actions to make them ready for presentation to businesses. We help in developing concepts of products and services, prepare business plans for them and select potentially interested enterprises. We support the process of commercialization of scientific research results.

  • Obtaining funds for research

    Navigating the world of funds for scientific research is often more complicated than the research itself.  We navigate also this world in both competent and efficient manner. We know funding programmes and assist in selecting them, draft applications for funding, feasibility studies and project documentation.  We provide advice on potential partnership and search for partners and consortium members. After the project is completed, we support in making any relevant settlements.

  • R&D at request

    The provision of research and development services for enterprises from various sectors is a particularly interesting field of our activity. We undertake to answer the question: what new is offered by the company? Acting as an external R&D department, in close cooperation with representatives of the client, we create and develop innovative products and services.

    Depending on the progress already made, the scope of our services may be as follows:

    • we will provide scientific staff to verify ideas of your employees, or
    • we will conduct the project in accordance with the R&D rules and principles, or
    • we will establish a team supporting project implementation under the guidance of the client,
    • we will independently develop and offer innovative products and services, based on the experience and knowledge of your employees as well as our expertise in investigating issues and asking questions.

  • Our own projects

    Irrespective of projects conducted at individual requests of our clients, BOI undertakes research on its own technological solutions. Developed without any business context, based on our own curiosity and in accordance with our philosophy, they are often solutions integrating a number of fields, thus definitely more innovative. Our own solutions are also commercialized, just as results of research of universities and research institutions.