Who are we ?

Filozofia łączenia różnych elementów ma też swoją realizację w doborze zespołu. Stawiamy na młodość i jednocześnie wiedzę wynikającą z doświadczenia. Niemożliwe? Możliwe. Kto powiedział, że ma to być jedna osoba?


We form a very efficient interdisciplinary team whose members include both young people, full of passion and curiosity, as well as older colleagues, senior in terms of length of service, who bring genuine and empirically tested knowledge.


We know when and how to use resources appropriate to a given situation. As a result, each client receives individual attention as well as solutions and services tailored exactly to their needs.


We all share high professional aspirations: we are the best in our fields. Obviously, this implies the need for our continuous development. Thanks to our clients, every day we have a chance to challenge various certainties and gather unique knowledge.


The BOI team includes a core of permanent employees and associates from different fields as well as reliable specialists with whom we collaborate on unique projects.